Evaluation Dates!

 We will be holding our next formal evaluations in spring 2020, including the new 2008-born intake players. Check back here for updates, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Assessment Information

Open evaluations are held annually for all VFC teams.  Existing VFC players and prospective players wanting to play in the BCCSL Metro Division for the City of Vancouver are required to attend VFC Evaluations each year. In addition to posting evaluation dates, times and locations on the VFC website, notification of VFC Evaluations is sent in advance to VYSA and the 6 District Clubs (VUFC, VAFC, KLM, Killarney, ICSF, Marpole) for distribution to their membership.

U13 Girls/Boys Evaluations follow BCSPL Intake Evaluations in and around the end of February, beginning of March. 

U14 - U18 Girls/Boys Evaluations take place after the BCCSL-Metro Division regular season play has completed in March and early April.  VFC endeavours to schedule evaluation times around spring break holidays.


VFC Information Night

A Club Information Night is held in January each year for all prospective players and parents. A presentation by technical staff includes information on the following:

  • Background information on VFC and the BCCSL Metro Division

  • Structure of soccer in BC

  • Evaluation information & process

  • Club Philosophy

  • Training Program

  • Player Expectations

  • Important Dates

Time will be allotted at the end of the presentation for questions.


Preseason Scouting:

  • VFC Scout attends approximately 2 games per U12 Gold 1 team and 1 game per U12 Gold 2 team each season for each of Vancouver’s grassroots clubs.

  • Staff coaches also attempt to attend games for all Vancouver Gold 1 & Gold 2 teams throughout the season.

  • Feedback is requested for prospective players from their respective District Technical Director.

  • VFC coaches complete assessment forms for existing VFC players.


Phase 1 On-Field Evaluation - Open to all players

  • Warm-up

  • Technical drills

  • Mini games

Players will be notified via email if they will be moving onto the next phase.


Phase 2 On-Field Evaluation - Invitation only

  • Warm-up

  • 11v11 game

Players will be notified via email if they have been invited to join a VFC team. A registration link will be provided at this time. Players must register in order to secure their position on a VFC team.


Team Meetings

Following team formation, meetings are held  to enable parents and players to meet their coaching staff and be sized for the VFC game & training kit.  Information regarding the club and the coming season will be discussed. Notification of meeting times are sent at time of offer.





Players will be assessed on the following 3 areas:

  1. Physical:

  • Speed & Agility

    • Players need to be able to perform explosive change of direction movements

    • Players need to display control while changing speed over short distances while maintaining good balance.

    • Players must be able to adapt feet and body position while in play when receiving the ball and having pressure applied by opponents

  • Endurance:

    • Players should be capable of performing these explosive repeatedly over the course of the evaluation

    • Players should show consistency in movement and stamina over the course of the WHOLE game.

  • Strength & Power:

    • Players should be capable of holding up the ball and holding off the defender when pressured

    • Players should be capable of winning 50/50 physical challenges.

    • Players need to be able to show strength in taking on opponents while control the ball through active moments

2)  Mental

  • Teamwork:

    • Players are part of a unit and need to cooperate with teammates

    • Player must show ability to involve teammates through the game

    • Player should demonstrate positional playing understanding as player moves from defending to attacking and back to defending in quick succession

  • Competitiveness:

    • Player should demonstrate a high work ethic and should work hard to win the ball back if they lose it.

    • Player should demonstrate willingness to compete and win the ball on all parts of the field

  • Creativity:

    • The ability to take risk in appropriate areas of the field

    • Player should demonstrate understanding of when risk is acceptable and good decision making skills when applying risk to scenarios on the field in all phases

  • Coachability:

    • Player must show an ability to take instruction and apply it to the game quickly

    • Player must and feedback and apply it to game situations quickly and successfully

3)  Technical & Tactical

  • Technical:

    • Good first touch into open spaces

    • Ability to dribble and evade defenders in 1v1 situations

    • Ability to play variety of passes over both short and long distances

    • Ability to strike the ball from distance from multiple areas of the field

    • Ability to defend against attackers in 1v1 situations

  • Tactical:

    • Awareness of the field and players around you - Scan

    • Understanding the positional principles of compactness when defending

    • Understanding the positional principles of expansion when attacking

    • Understanding situational decision making of when to play short vs when to play long