VFC is proud to partner with local companies trying to improve the people in our community! 




Acuitas: noun, insight, perception, sharpness. 

Established in 2009, Acuitas is a biotechnology company that works with partners and customers to develop new or improved medicines based on their internationally recognized capabilities in nanotechnology-based pharmaceutical product development.

Acuitas has been a proud sponsor of Vancouver FC for the past 4 years.

Visit: Acuitastx.com



Soccer Express

Canada's Largest Soccer Store.

Our team at SoccerX has over 40 combined years of learning and our continued passion to both the game and the business of soccer to ensure that each and every interaction with our company is informative and enjoyable.

Visit: Soccerx.com

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Where Athletes and Coaches Connect!

Atleta is a platform that brings athletes and coaches together all in one place for recruitment and scholarship opportunities.  If you have ever dreamt of playing soccer for a college or university in Canada, let us introduce you to Atleta. With Atleta, you have access to every coach within Usport and CCAA who coaches any of the popular sports in Canada we service.  They are literally a click away.  Becoming a university or college athlete has never been at your fingertips.  It now is.  Welcome to Atleta Recruiting. 

Every Vancouver FC athlete receives an Atleta Membership, so please contact your team manager for further details.

Visit:  Atleta.ca

Please contact our club to see how we can aid in your marketing within the Canadian and Vancouver football community.