Refund Policy

Player Withdrawal

Once a Vancouver FC team is selected and players have accepted positions on the team, all other players who attended the evaluations are released to find positions on other teams. Accordingly the club is not able to replace a player who accepts a position and subsequently withdraws. Furthermore the costs incurred by the club are essentially fixed (coaching staff, field rental for practices and games, referees and ARs, etc.) and hence a withdrawing player does not decrease club expenses. In registering therefore players and parents are committing to payment of the registration fee and all coaching fees for that season. The club is not able to refund any amounts paid or owing if a player decides to withdraw except as provided below.

Transfer to BCSPL Team

Players offered and accepting a position on a BCSPL team will be refunded 50% of their registration fees. In addition monthly coaching fees from the date of transfer to a BCSPL team will be cancelled or reimburse (if previously paid).

Player Injury

Injuries are an unfortunate and difficult aspect of sport, and as a club we are committed to ongoing programs to effectively reduce the chance of injury, although it is not possible to avoid injury in all cases. Injured players remain a key and active part of our teams. Further the costs incurred by the club are essentially fixed and hence an injured player who is unable to participate in training or games does not decrease club expenses. The club is not able to refund or waive coaching fees during the period of time a player is injured. In exceptional circumstances the Board may consider a request for reimbursement of coaching fees for a player who has suffered a season-ending injury.

Social Media Policy

Vancouver FC understands the importance of social media and the usage of such by players, parents, team officials, club directors, officers and employees.  Further Vancouver FC supports individuals’ rights to freedom of speech and expression including the use of social networks. However everyone involved with Vancouver FC is expected to portray themselves, their team, and the Club in a positive manner at all times. Any online postings must therefore be consistent with Club guidelines.

Guidelines for Players and Parents:

If you participate on a social networking site, you must keep the following guidance in mind:

  • All postings to social media including texts, photos, videos, commentary, etc. are public information and it may not be possible to limit circulation of such postings or subsequently remove such postings.

  • What you post reflects on you and may be reviewed in future by potential employers, clients, universities or colleges. Postings that reflect negatively on you may have important adverse consequences later in your life.

  • Vancouver FC will not tolerate disrespectful, offensive or inappropriate comments, texts, photos or videos or other form of online posting directed towards any player, parent, team official or game official or directed towards any opposition team, coach or player.

Additional Guidelines for Team Officials, Directors, Officers and Employees

  • Information posted on social media by team officials, directors, officers and employees may be considered to represent the views and opinions of Vancouver FC.

  • When using an officially recognized social media channel, assume at all times that you are representing Vancouver FC.

  • Prior to engaging in any form of social media involving Vancouver FC, you must receive permission from the President or Chair. Please direct all enquiries to the Administrative Director (Lee Laxton).

  • Confidential or proprietary club information of Vancouver FC or similar information of third parties should not be shared publicly on social media.

Monitoring and Consequences:

Any violation of these guidelines is subject to investigation by Vancouver FC. Vancouver FC reserves the right to apply appropriate sanctions for any violation of these guidelines (such sanctions may include removal of the objectionable material, suspension or dismissal).

Tournament Policy

Policy applies to individual teams wishing to enter tournaments or book travel as a club endorsed trip:

  • Any VFC Teams wishing to enter a tournament, local or travel, must first obtain permission from VFC Technical Director prior to registering in the tournament, or making any travel plans.  A list of approved tournaments can be provided upon request.

  • The primary purpose of any team trip must be to engage in soccer related activities.

  • All costs associated with the tournament (including, but not limited to: registration, accommodation, travel, food, etc.) are the responsibility of the team.

  • In order to travel out of province, all teams must follow the guidelines laid out under BC Soccer Association’s Travel Policy, including completion of relevant travel forms and payment of respective fees.

Teams that do not meet the criteria noted above:

  • Will need to secure separate insurance coverage for their players

  • Will not be able to wear uniforms with VFC logos

BCSA Travel Policy

BSCA Application to Travel Out of Province Form To Travel Out of Province.pdf


BC Soccer Criminal Record Check Policy: BC Soccer CRC PDF

Vancouver FC Conduct, Discipline and Ethics Policy: VFC Conduct PDF

Vancouver FC Player Safety Policy: VFC Player Safety PDF