Coastal A Cup Finals

Vancouver FC had 3 teams in the 2018 Coastal A Cup Finals. We're proud to say only West Vancouver had more teams in the finals with 4.

Now the results may not have not gone as planned however we are still proud of our VFC 2004 Boys, VFC 2003 Boys and VFC 2001 Boys teams. 

  • VFC 2001 vs VIP-Bays (0-1)
  • SGU vs VFC 2003 (4-2)
  • CMF vs VFC 2004 (1-0 PK)

Also a congratulations to the five other Vancouver teams who also made it to the Coastal B Cup finals. (KLM Mustangs, VAFC Blaze, VAFC Venom, VanU Comets, VanU Electricity)

Jeremy Holland